December 2016

Cold Cream Gateau

Ingredients for 8 people For the base about 250 g of blanched almonds 150 g of icing sugar 2 egg whites For the filling: 6 egg yolks + 2 whisked egg whites 400 g of butter 120 g of icing sugar 40 ml of brandy or strong liqueur 4 small cups of cold strong [...]

Sponge Biscuit In Vanilla Cream

  Degree of difficulty: easy Preparation time: long Chilling time: 2 hours Ingredients for 4 people 200 ml of Kimbo espresso coffee 150 ml of milk 1 sachet of vanilla flavoured icing sugar 4 egg yolks 100 g of castor sugar A pinch of salt 100 ml of liqueur 200 g of sponge biscuits [...]

Love Pears

Difficulty: easy Preparation time: long Chilling time: 4 hours Ingredients for 4 people 300 ml of strong Kimbo espresso coffee 4 large ripe pears 150 g of castor sugar 6 skinned cardamom capsules and seeds The juice and grated zest of a lemon 2 dessert spoonfuls of crushed roasted almonds Mint leaves for decoration [...]

June 2014

The Greek Market Welcomes KIMBO Espresso

The top Italian espresso brand KIMBO is launched officially in the Greek market by MAGNA COFFEE SOLUTIONS PC. Founded in Naples - Italy in the 1950s KIMBO’s owners had achieved leading a high position in the Italian coffee market with high - quality espresso. Starting from Italian coffee market, the company now is activated in [...]