Napoli, the world capital of espresso coffee, is where Cafe do Brasil, the producers of Caffe Kimbo and Caffe Kose, started out.
Italy’s one of the great Italian success stories, that started in the 50s in the historical centre of Naples where a small roasting plant was set up for the sale of roasted coffee to coffee bars and coffee shops.
At the height of the exhilarating economic boom of the sixties, the coffee market reached a significant turning point: new packaging systems allowed the product to be sold in tins.
The founders of the company understood the importance of this innovation, which offered better preservation of the product and a wider distribution. They created the brand name Caffe do Brasil to supply coffee with a unique quality and taste to households and coffee bars.
Thanks to the expertise gained in the field, the company grew exponentially and is today one of the leading roasters in Europe, continually capturing new markets worldwide.
The ability to understand and anticipate trends in consumers tastes is reflected in the prominent market share achieved: Caffe do Brasil, with the brand names Caffe Kimbo and Caffe Kose, have held second place since 1994 on the Italian retail market for packaged coffee.
Success achieved thanks to a steadfast customer fidelity policy based on one concrete element: the quality of the products.



  • To work with commitment and passion to guarantee coffee of excellent quality and unmistakable flavour, in the finest Neapolitan tradition;
  • To offer the market a wide range of products to meet the diverse demands of the consumers and the evolution in technology;
  • To spread the cult of espresso all over the world. This is the mission that has accompanied Caffe Kimbo in its 50 years activity.

Social Responsibility


The success and development of a company are the result of commitment and professionalism, of a coherent and ethically correct company policy.
Caffè Kimbo expresses in practice the values it believes in, devoting all the company efforts to creating a product of excellence and, at the same time, that perfectly combines tradition and innovation.
A result achieved thanks to a rigorous selection of raw materials and strict control of the entire processing chain: an in-plant laboratory carries out regular organoleptic and quality tests on the products; the suppliers of the raw materials in the countries of origin must adhere to a series of strict conditions laid down in the purchase agreements; the sales division ensures prompt information and direct assistance at all times both to the distributor and to the consumer.
In the plant in Melito, Naples, where the machinery was designed and updated in full respect of the environment, a careful waste disposal plan in compliance with the current regulations and a strict energy saving policy in line with the national directives are enforced.A reduction of the production impact on the environment is another factor that has gained the company the ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Certification.

The size of the company today does not prevent the management from assimilating and transmitting to their employees and collaborators the principals of ethics and social responsibility that the founders of the company believed in right from the start of their activity.
Today the company devotes considerable energy to the activities of the Ethics Office, to better transmit a strict code of conduct within the company and carry out training programmes for the employees.
In parallel with the company objectives, Cafè do Brasil has sponsored events to safeguard the environment and support culture and sport by taking part in events and activities of social marketing.
For Café do Brasil ethics and social responsibility have been an important factor in business management, a tool that has enabled the company to achieve impressive results over time, first and foremost of which is a product of the highest quality.



Caffe Kimbo has always focussed on keeping quality consistently high through a rigorous selection of the raw materials and scrupulous processing.
An objective achieved thanks to careful monitoring of the whole production chain and the application of cutting-edge technology.
The importance technology holds for the company is seen by the continual updating of the plant machinery and the production process. A commitment that guarantees the achievement of the highest quality standards and that in 2003 gained the company the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems Certification.
For Caffe Kimbo attention to quality also means sensitivity for the environment. The objective of reducing to a minimum the impact that processing exerts on the environment has gained the company the Environmental Management Systems Certification: ISO 14001:2004, awarded in 2007. For Caffe Kimbo this is an important acknowledgement of the results achieved.




In Greece the executive representative of KIMBO is now MAGNA COFFEE SOLUTIONS, headquartered in Maroussi – Attika. The particular varieties and aromatic blends are available in selected areas with the care provided by well-trained associates.